Lore’s Intro

We’re cool, but sometimes even we have some BOOM.

As our previous Eden, surprisingly, by a total coincidence, absolutely unintentionally… kind of blew out, we’ve decided to move to a more secured location. Old military barracks with neighboring “Wypiździew” (IPA: [vɨ̃pʲjʑʥ̑ɛfˈ] which, with not much commitment, could be translated into “Shithole”) seemed like a really good idea. Another lucrative aspect of this move was a completely new mineral – Łyżkonit (Spoonite), that can be transformed into Łyżkonium (Spoonium) and that’s where the magic (or chemistry) begins!

Spoonite flourish only once a year and its span it’s rather short, so all the Chemistry Master Minds are more than welcomed to visit. Not only will you be able to take part in historically first excavations of Spoonite and discover all the revolutionary processes around Soonium, but also take part in the First World Conference on Soonite and Spoonium – thing you just cannot miss!

For those who not necessarily are the brightest crayons in the box, we also have multiple chances to impress the audience, earn some caps and put all those muscles, which tear the shirts and drop the skirts down, to some use! Multiple sport conquests, conservation works and the Small Rally! Who’s gonna take part? Who’s gonna WIN?!

For the truly spirited individuals, yearning some exquisite company, we planned some old-school dance bar (100% music dated before 2077 guaranteed!), pictorial soirée and great auction of Art.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our most prominent guests! There has been reported that in the Wypiździew, there lived a legendary and magnificent beast. So, herd your slaves, pay your mercenaries and take part in our great Safari! You will have one and only chance to hunt this beast down! Its head will marvelously crown any study or office bringing enormous fame to the one obtaining it.

Still not enough? We also guarantee a lot of alcohol, brawls, loot and business. We will immerse you in truly holiday spirit, so take your flip-flops, straw hats, sunglasses and see you on the weekend before last of September in the place where liquor is the strongest religion and swag is the currency.

And you, what will you do for your holidays?