Lore Intro

A lot has changed since the hotel in Mieczewo has opened its doors for the first time.

Located in the remains of an old rocket launch base several kilometres from Postnań hotel was originally planned as Alcochemists’ field research laboratory ran by Professor Skłodkowski, where he can conduct his research on local fauna and flora as well the mysterious substance called “łyżkonite” in peace and relative quiet. The whole staff consists of just under twenty persons, plus a couple of aged and experiences owners, Mr. and Mrs. Mieczesław.

It has however soon turned out, that fate has had different plans for this place. Sometime between 2116 and 2117 in “Justynka”, another Alcochemist holiday resort, there was a huge explosion which completely destroyed most of the buildings and irreparably damaged the rest of infrastructure. Justynka was chiefly a holiday resort, for the Alcochemists but not only, and also as a business and political meeting place for many known and valued factions of the pos-apocalyptical Poland, conveniently located a bit afar from the hustle & bustle of Postnań’s ruins. The place became overly derelict and had to be abandoned. It was decided, that in such circumstances, the resort in Mieczewo will take over Justynka's functions as well. Justynka’s crew was briefly relocated and worked restlessly to organise a hotel and a bar, thanks to which both were ready to welcome first tour of holiday guests already in September 2117, under a new name inspired by the famous predecessor - “Grażynka”.

Grażynka started to teem with life, welcoming hundreds of new guests seeking real vacation, just like in pre-war times. Thanks to Professor Skłodkowski’s initiative a first “Conference of the Post-Nuclear Science” was organised, gathering the brightest and greatest minds of the Wasteland. The area flourished thanks to innovative tourism offer, with mutant hunting safaris garnering notable popularity, as well as highly acclaimed entertainment facilities and services such as the well stocked bar, evening dances, sport and art events (mostly martial arts). As more and more travellers found their way to Grażynka it has also become a business and trade hub, where the merchants can safely seal their deals without the need to risk penetrating the outskirts of Postnań to reach the home base of the Alcochemists personally. Consequently many important factions of post-apocalyptic Poland began to set up their envoy camps in Grażynka, which despite being originally planned for a quiet refuge and seasonal rest, started to resemble a regular, stable town.

However, even the bright sky will have some cloud to throw a shade onto the ground. As Grażynka thrived, it also began to be targeted by the raider groups. The local mutant population was decimated by rampant and excessive safari trips, which shook the base of tourism. A generation conflict has exploded in the Mieczesław clan, significantly infringing on the political stability of the resort. Yet again, the biggest calamity has met the Alcochemist’s lab. The lab, which was the fundament, core of existence and the cornerstone upon which Grażynka was built, the lab in which a break-through in research on łyżkonite was achieved, has paid the highest price for that scientific break-through. One of the final experiments conducted by Professor Skłodkowski has caused a chain reaction leading to an explosion which has demolished most of the expensive and rare lab equipment.

To the utter disbelief of Grażynka’s lab crew, instead of bringing some of the necessary lab equipment, the envoys from Postnań have brought the news of drastic cuts in financing the resort. Deprived of the funds desperately needed for reconstruction of the lab, it has ceased to exist. The majority of Alcochemist crew of Grażynka were told to abandon their posts in Grażynka and fall back to the home base in Postnań. Only those who have settled down in Grażynka, hotel employees and the newly unemployed lab personnel remained. Everyone kept asking themselves - what on Earth could have caused Alcochemists to make such an odd decision?

The answer was steadily creeping from the West.

While Grażynka has had problems with singular dark clouds, a monstrous storm was coming from the Oder river side. What happened during the Time of Arrivals hasn’t left a shade of doubt, the 4th Reich is a-coming, and Postnań is likely the next stop on their deadly march. Having fought the 4th Reich, the Alcochemists understood the gravity of this situation very well. All available resources and personnel were directed to fight the impending enemy.

The scientists left behind in Mieczewo knew they must adapt to this situation. The hotel personnel could sleep soundly, as maintaining the morale on a decent level can’t be overpriced in turbulent times - just as every other year, they began the preparations for the autumn tour, for the Scientific Conference, for the evening dancings and parties, sport events and cultured elevations. Caravan after another wasteland factions have been coming to confirm their presence, while the local envoy encampments consulted their plans and prepared to receive guests and clients.

However, the lab crew had yet another chance to prove their worth and usefulness. The square-headed dreamers, as if by nature’s whim removed from down-to-Earth business, spent their time divagating and debating under the beautiful starry sky. Right now they can't recall who was the first inspired one, but gradually all conversations have shifted to the starts. The space. Outer space. Travels. Shooting for the stars. For that curious ambition to challenge the unknown, which was lost as the post-atomic dust set down. This is how the JAPA (AAAP) project came to be.

Alcochemist’s Autumn Astronautical Program.

The ruins where Grażynka is located are of a pre-war military rocket base, the whole site is sprinkled with rocket parts, fuel containers and long since forgotten launchers. In an act of desperation or madness, Mieczewo’s scientists have offered to the Alcochemists to finance the space mission, hoping to reconstruct a pre-war missile and launch it into space with a load. They hoped to save their job and also to save the currently unclaimed resources from falling into the hands of 4th Reich. To quite everyone’s surprise, the offer was accepted.

The funds are unfortunately insufficient to finance the whole mission, but it was enough to start the works. Most acclaimed and reknown thinkers from all factions, biggest players from the Wasteland were invited to participate in the project. Most seasoned scouts are scavenging Mieczewo’s grounds searching for best preserved rockets while the scientists ceaselessly labor on the technical aspects of the undertaking. Grażynka feels alive again, the omnipresent enthusiasm is tangible, and everyone quietly hope that if only we join our forces, we can again send something out there, from where until now things majorly just kept falling.

So began another chapter in Mieczewo’s history. At first a quiet and shy research facility out in the boonies, later a popular holiday and safari resort, today a leader in a project symbolically leading us to the stars, where no man has been since very, very, very long time.