Łyżkon is a postapocalyptic convention taking place near Poznań* in the Greater Poland region, hosted at the premises of Fort Knox War Zone, which is located at a former military base of the 31. Division of Rocket Air Defense near Mieczewo (whereabouts of Poznań)*. Łyżkon is divided in two parts – a festival stock full with parties, contests and other such entertaining activities, and the fabular part, namely the several dozens of hours long LARP (live action role-playing game) run in the Polish Post-Apocalyptic Universe.


Or more precisely: post-apocalyptic fantasy. A genre in literature and art romancing about the happenings after a global cataclysm that heralded the fall of the civilization. It has many varieties – the world can be submerged, covered with permafrost or eradicated into a ginormous desert. The protagonists of the post-apocalyptic genre usually strive to survive in the unwelcoming surroundings using the remnants of the formerly advanced technology. Humanity itself deteriorates and ceases to resemble the once proud and strong societies that ruled the world. Other common motifs are the prevalent violence and abuse, degeneration of the society and feeble attempts to restore the order of the days of yore.

LARP – Live action role-playing

LARP is an activity bordering on art and play – an improvised theater of sorts, where one is simultaneously a spectator and an actor, and the scenario does not limit the participants’ creativity. At Łyżkon the players have the opportunity to create their unique characters whose actions can influence others, frequently leading to conflicts of interests… or even to the contrary, to forging alliances in order to achieve common goals.

Polish Post-Apocalyptic Universe

The Polish Post-apocalyptic Universe which Łyżkon is part of relates mainly to the “Fallout” game series, but there are many more different motifs inspiring this universe with their rich variety. It has been growing since a bit over a decade, absorbing new ideas and inspirations every year. It allows not only for cyborgs and fans of exoskeletons to coexist, but is also a place where primitive tribes shunning all technology alike, traders of shit and sticks or testosterone fueled militia can exist side by side. It is equally easy to find a naive and carefree blue bird here as a noble statesman or a spirited preacher hearing voices. This universe has expanded into a few cyclical events, the newest of which is Łyżkon, heralding the conclusion of the season since 2016.

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