If you are lucky enough to have navi in your car, it’s really simple: key in the GPS
coordinates: GPS: 52.253035, 17.030259 or 52°15’10.9″N 17°01’48.9″E. If you are not
that lucky, you must find Mosina or Kórnik on a map.

  • If you are coming from Mosina’s direction ‒ take the 431, pass Rogalinek,
    Rogalin, Świątniki and Mieczewo and drive until you reach the crossing with the road to
    Czołowo – then turn LEFT, towards the forest.
  • If you are coming from Kórnik’s direction ‒ after exiting S11 take road 434
    straight though the roundabout and drive into the direction of Mosina until you reach
    the crossing with the road to Czołowo ‒ then turn RIGHT, towards the forest.

You’re in the forest already? Perfect, then keep driving ahead, and at the forest
crossing turn right. Keep going on the asphalt road. When you reach the destination
and see our lovely establishment, turn the second road left to the parking lot. We’ll
make sure it will be noticeable.


  1. Challenger’s version: take the bus 512 from Poznań’s Franowo (a well communicated
    district in Poznań) going to Borówiec. Disembark at the Borówiec/Pod Borem bus stop, and then it’s 3kms march time. Go south and watch out, happy hiking!
  2. Normal version: take the bus 651 from Poznań’s Dębc that goes straight to Mosina.
    Disembark at the terminal stop, Mosina Dworzec Kolejowy (Mosina Train Station). Now you have two options:

    1. take the line 699 (bus timetable: ZUK Mosina) – on weekdays they run 7x a day and only twice a day on the weekend – get off on Mieczewo bus stop and march 2kms.
    2. you can also call a prearranged transport* offered by your friendly driver, who’ll pick
      you up there and drive you straight to the convention’s premises.


You have two options, go to Mosina or to Kórnik (PKP Kórnik in Szczodrzykowo), and
then You need to call the friendly driver*.


We can, for a shy sum, organize a transport for you IF BY SEPTEMBER 20. (Wed) you
contact us by email to and provide us the following information:
who is coming, how many people, where to, an exact date and time of the arrival and an
estimation of how big is your combined luggage (how many items of what size).