I. General agreements

  • The convention “Łyżkon” is a Polish gathering of post-apocalyptic fantasy fans. It takes place on a private terrain located in Fort Knox War Zone, i.e. the former base of the 31. Rocket Division of Air Defense Forces near Kórnik, from 19. till 22. September 2019.
  • The aim of this convention is to propagate the post-apocalyptic fantasy genre with all its varieties and the integration of its fans and creators, while also popularizing and promoting the alternative forms of entertainment such as LARPs and terrain
  • To become a participant of this convention one needs to be full of age by the day of the conventionʼs commencement, i.e. born prior to September 19. 2001.
  • The purchase of accreditation is considered equal to acknowledgement and agreement to these terms of agreement.

II. Safety

  • Each participant of this convention is obliged to abide by the terms of this agreement, fire safety rules and any other rules active at the conventionʼs location, which does not exclude them from abiding by Polish law.
  • By conveying the will to participate in this convention the partaker declares they are aware of the possibility of usage of air-soft guns at the conventionʼs location (in so designated places), movement of mechanized vehicles (also in assigned places) and partaking in melee fights (according to the LARP mechanics).
  • Every participant is obliged to arrange their own insurance.
  • The participants confirm that they will take part in the convention solely at their own responsibility and are this willing to accept any risks involved, accepting that their participating at this convention can involve some physical duress, harsh living conditions, noise, dust, dirt, humidity etc, some natural risk and the risk of accidents, the risk of physical strain and injury (including lethal injuries) and also material losses.
  • A medical point (first aid) will be located at the conventionʼs location. Persons suffering form medical conditions (such as allergies or diabetes) and undergoing treatment are obliged to bring their own medicine and to possess a suitable information describing their medical condition and possible complications of treatment.
  • The participants can enter (climb etc.) the buildings present at the location of the convention solely at their own risk. The same is true for climbing trees, entering other objects etc.
  • The participants are prohibited from carrying in especially but not solely:
    1. fetid, toxic or radiating substances
    2. weapons or other dangerous items
    3. explosive materials and pyrotechnics
  • Smoking tobacco and lighting open fire can only be executed in places specially designed for this purpose by the organizers, and only with adhering to the fire safety rules.
  • Every participant is obliged to possess:
    1. eye-protective gear of at least 2J endurance (gear employing net is unacceptable)
    2. a yellow fluorescent vest
    3. LARP costume fitting the post-apocalyptic convention

III. Organizational rules

  • Only the persons carrying the conventionʼs ID are allowed to enter its premises. The participants should always wear the ID in a visible place. If the ID is lost or destroyed the participant needs to turn to the organizer as soon as possible.
  • Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances, who are aggressive or pose a danger to the well-being or life of other participants may be removed from the conventionʼs premises without reimbursement of accreditation or any other additional costs.
  • The participants are obliged to upkeep the cleanliness and order of the premises.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to devastate the buildings at the premises, which includes for example: damaging the buildings and the decorations, covering the walls or other objects with paint, destroying the plants or digging through the ground.
  • Any and all failures to adhere to the safety and organizational rules should be immediately reported to the organizer.
  • Persons not adhering to the terms of agreement and its other annexes can be removed from the premises without reimbursement of accreditation or any other costs.
  • All participants are financially and legally responsible for their behavior since their arrival to the conventionʼs premises until their departure.
  • It is prohibited to use loudspeaking devices such as the megaphone for entertainment – they are only to be used for organizational purposes.
  • It is prohibited to enter the conventionʼs premises with animals. Any and all exemptions from this rule have to be arranged with the organizers the latest 2 weeks prior to the conventionʼs commencement.
  • The organizer will not take responsibility for any loss of material belongings, physical or mental trauma of the participants that occurred during the convention, including the damage to the cars left on the parking lot. The responsibility for the damage lies entirely on the perpetrator.
  • Conducting any business or other profit-seeking activity on the premises during the convention is allowed only after obtaining the organizerʼs permission.
  • The only areas where moving with a mechanized vehicle is allowed are: the road leading to the premises and the assigned parking lot – anywhere else the organizerʼs permission is necessary. Driving a mechanized vehicle on the areas designated for airsoft
    gun entertainment is strictly prohibited.

IV. Live-Action Game, Air-soft Guns

  • A live-action game will take place during the convention.
  • During the live-action game it is recommended to remain very cautious and it is prohibited to enter the areas designated as off-game.
  • When entering the air-soft gun areas the participants absolutely need to wear the eye-protective gear at all times.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use air-soft guns in areas designated as OFF-ASG. It is also prohibited to shoot in the direction of OFF-ASG areas from the ASG areas.
  • During the live-action game the participants must adhere to the rules of the mechanics.

V. Closing remarks

  • This terms of agreement will be shared on the eventʼs Facebook page and on its website, It will be also available at the organizerʼs office on the premises.
  • LARPʼs mechanics is an inseparable annex to these terms of agreement.
  • By accepting this terms of agreement each participant also agrees for publication of their photos and nickname on the eventʼs Facebook page, organizerʼs website and on any and all promotional materials linked to this convention.
  • In all issues not addressed directly in this the terms of agreement and in deciding all disputes between the participants the final decision is of the organizer, and his decision is final and indisputable.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify this terms of agreement after its publication, about which he is obliged to immediately notify on the events Facebook page.
  • The organizer reserves the right to interpret these terms of agreement.